More than 100 F&A operations in the logistics and transport segments

Our goal

The main objective of Soma Log is to contact companies in the logistics and transport sector who express their intention to deal with merger processes, acquisition or sale operations, or simply the materialization of specific or permanent strategic alliances (joint ventures, etc.).

Our mission

The successful culmination of the processes of purchase, sale, merger, internationalization or establishment of commercial and strategic alliances between companies of the logistic and transport sector always looking for the benefit of our clients and operating with the confidentiality and ethics that this type of operations requires


All members of Soma log have extensive experience in the logistics and transportation sector. We have experienced acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, etc., and we know these processes deeply. Our philosophy is none other than putting into practice everything we learned, because we have already come that way. For that reason we are in a position to avoid those bad practices that put in jeopardy processes that should have been successful and that were frustrated because of avoidable errors. This is our philosophy: our experience available to our clients.

Merger between companies

We identify the weak points of both organizations and through fusion we obtain a new organization.
With greater power of penetration, greater supply of strategic services and greater business opportunities.

Agreements and alliances

We facilitate the signing of strategic agreements and alliances to increase the degree of competitiveness of your organization.

Sale of Companies

We sell your company getting the best results for shareholders.

Buying companies

We connect your company with its potential logistics and transportation market in the 5 continents.


We have installed capacity to carry out the process of internationalization of your company in any country or continent.

“If your business objective is to increase the competitiveness of your organization by merging with another organization of the sector we are specialists in designing the plan of action that allows to achieve this goal.”

Somalog, assets from 2007


In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, Somalog puts its know-how at the disposal of the market. Our services allow organizations in the logistics and transport sector to achieve their business goals and objectives by carrying out operations that are adapted to their commercial, economic and operational capacities.


SomaLog is an organization dedicated to the provision of corporate consultancy for companies in the logistics and transport sectors in the management of mergers and acquisitions processes.